S1 Ep 9: Baby Mothers | Baby Fathers
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S1 Ep 8: Light Skin, Dark Skin, Biracial
Single vs. Bad Relationship
S1 Ep 7: Single vs. Bad Relationship
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S1 Ep 6: STDs: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
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S1 Ep 5: Is Higher Education Necessary?
Define Cheating: Women's Edition
S1 Ep 4: Define Cheating: Women’s Edition
Define Cheating: Men's Edition
S1 Ep 3: Define Cheating: Men’s Edition
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S1 Ep 2: I Can’t Live w/o My Cellphone
S1 Ep 1: Online Dating
S2 Ep 13: What About Your Friends?
S2 Ep 12: Dangerously in Love
S2 Ep 11: Interracial Dating
S2 Ep 10: Men and Women Are Not Created Equal
S2 Ep 9: Health & Wellness
S2 Ep8: Millennial Parents
S2 Ep 7: Good Cop, Bad Cop
S2 Ep 6: Gentrification
S2 Ep 5: The Evolution of Social Media
S2 Ep 4: Venus vs. Mars
S2 Ep 3: Hip Hop Hooray
S2 Ep 1: Politic-King
S2 Ep2: Rape Culture