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We film in BedStuy, Brooklyn on Sundays, 1-4pm. Enjoy food, drinks and good conversation. This is a great opportunity to network, learn and educate Millennials like yourself. Check out the topics we're covering this season and make sure to sign up for a discussion!

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Millennial of the Month: Uzunma Udeh

Uzunma is an actress, writer and comedian. While studying Statistics at Columbia University, Uzunma was exposed to performing arts. She began taking playwriting seriously upon graduation and starred in most of the plays she wrote. Uzunma showcases her many talents as a performer on her YouTube channel, Azoomah. Covering current events, daily rants, comedy sketches, and more, she gives her audience a show like no other.

Best of cSituation

  • Venus vs. Mars: Battle of the Sexes
  • Dangerously in Love: His Girlfriend and I Went to His Job to Confront His Lying Ass
  • Interracial Dating: Black People Still Think White People Are Better
  • Men and Women Are Not Created Equal: Provocative Pictures, Venting on Social
  • What About Your Friends? No to the "Yes Man," If We Haven't Argued We Aren't Friends
  • Health & Wellness: My Bipolar Disorder Cost Me Friends
  • Millennial Parents: Sex, Sexual Orientation, Transgender Kids
  • Evolution of Social Media: Watching Friends Argue on Social, Celebrity Social Media Beefs
  • Financial Literacy: Bitcoin, Student Loans, Savings/Debt and More
  • #TakeAKnee: Colin Kaepernick Protests, NFL, Donald Trump, the Media and More
  • Venus vs. Mars: We Always Wanted to Know
  • Bougee or Nah


Over the last two and a half seasons, we’ve had guests from all over the tri-state area, down south and west coast join our panel. Check out what they had to say about their experience on cSituation.  

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"Being a part of the CS panel was an absolutely amazing experience. Talking with such a thoughtful, interesting, and entertaining people was an absolute pleasure and I can't wait to do it again in the future. cSituation gets real people doing some real talking, and I respect every part of the show. I learned new things, expressed my own opinions, and felt mutual respect through our entire group. It was awesome. Can't wait to see my episode, and of course continuing to tune in."

Espy The Evolution of Social Media

"It’s was a pleasure to be a part of this grassroots forum. I look forward to continue being a part, of this enlightening and uplifting webcast. I am sure that cSituation will be an integral and pioneering force in uniting and empowering Millennials worldwide, with true peace, harmony, and justice for all."

Frank Politic-King