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Venus vs. Mars: Battle of the Sexes

The panel has to answer 10 "easy" questions about the opposite sex within 5 minutes.

  • Dangerously in Love: His Girlfriend and I Went to His Job to Confront His Lying Ass
  • Interracial Dating: Black People Still Think White People Are Better
  • Men and Women Are Not Created Equal: Provocative Pictures, Venting on Social
  • What About Your Friends? No to the "Yes Man," If We Haven't Argued We Aren't Friends
  • Health & Wellness: My Bipolar Disorder Cost Me Friends
  • Millennial Parents: Sex, Sexual Orientation, Transgender Kids
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop: Are Cops Allowed to Be "Scared For Their Lives?"
  • Gentrification: The New Community vs. The Old Community
  • Evolution of Social Media: Watching Friends Argue on Social, Celebrity Social Media Beefs
  • Hip Hop Hooray: Hip-Hop's Influence on Fashion
  • Is this Rape? Nate Parker, Bill Cosby, R.Kelly, Kobe Bryant
  • Politic-King: The Media's Portrayal of Kaepernick, Nate Parker, Beyonce Superbowl Show, and More

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Millennial of the Month: Timothy Jones


"Being a part of the CS panel was an absolutely amazing experience. Talking with such a thoughtful, interesting, and entertaining people was an absolute pleasure and I can't wait to do it again in the future. Current Situation gets real people doing some real talking, and I respect every part of the show. I learned new things, expressed my own opinions, and felt mutual respect through our entire group. It was awesome. Can't wait to see my episode, and of course continuing to tune in each week."

Espy The Evolution of Social Media

"This was so dope. I had a good ass time doing it. Everybody I met was cool as hell and I enjoyed the topics and discussions. As far as feedback, I would suggest bringing the question asker(s) in front of the camera so the audience can feel like the show is being moderated. Kinda like uncommon sense or Bill Maher. Hope that helps."

Therman Hip Hop Hooray

"It’s was a pleasure to be a part of this grassroots forum. I look forward to continue being a part, of this enlightening and uplifting webcast. I am sure that Current Situation will be an integral and pioneering force in uniting and empowering Millennials worldwide, with true peace, harmony, and justice for all."

Frank Politic-King

"It felt good to be in the presence of intelligence and respect, color and character, that didn't come with a clause. The Current Situation has a powerful crew, all who of which are focused, fun, and truly interested in hearing what I had to say. The start time was respectable, as well as the end, and I'm proud to be in support of these fantastic women and men, of color and of love.Also, food and beverages?! That's an attention to detail that everyone likes!"

Janay I Can't Live Without My Cellphone